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Bold As Brass Contest Rules and Entry Form

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Is your leading lady feisty? Brave in the face of danger? Undaunted by challenging situations? A free spirit in a conservative world? Then she is right for this contest! Send along a scene that shows your heroine at her best!

SPONSORED BY:  KYOWA Chapter 180 Romance Writers of America

DEADLINE:  Entries must be postmarked no later than March 15, 2009.

• Not contracted/published in book-length fiction in past 5 years. RWA membership not required.
• You may enter more than one submission. Each entry must be mailed separately.

ENTRY: Any scene up to 10 pages maximum showing your heroine at her boldest or feistiest (plus optional 1 page set-up, not judged).

JUDGING:  Judging will be in two rounds, top five advance to next round.
1st round – trained, PRO, published judges
Final round: Agent, Editor

• Completed Official 2009 Bold as Brass Entry form
• Four (4) copies of your entry, 11 pages max, including optional 1 page set-up (not judged) in manuscript format:
• Cover sheet for each copy of entry with title, your name, address, phone and email
• 81/2" x 11" white paper
• 1 inch margins
• One font throughout (We suggest Courier 12 pt, or Times New Roman 14 or 12 pt. Nothing smaller than 12 font)
• Double-spaced
• Header on each page, which would include title of manuscript and page number
• Your name should NOT appear anywhere on the manuscript or optional set-up
• Secure each copy of your entry with a paper clip or small binder clip —

• Entry fee: $12.00 for KYOWA members $15.00 for non-KYOWA members. Make Money order or check to “KYOWA Writers”(Do not send cash.)

• Enclose a SASE large enough for return of your manuscript. We suggest using Priority Mail soft envelopes provided by the Post Office. DO NOT SEND YOUR ENTRY RETURN-RECEIPT REQUESTED.

• Enclose a self-addressed, stamped postcard if you want notification of receipt of entry by contest personnel. You may enter more than once; however, each entry must be submitted in a separate envelope with a separate entry form. Do not send folders, binders, etc.

Send all material, in one envelope (per entry), to:
KYOWA Writers 2009 CONTEST
PO Box 833
Ashland, KY 41105-0833

PRIZES: Top winner will receive $25.oo cash prize and certificate. Second and third winners will also receive certificate. First Round winners will be notified by April 15, 2009. Final Round winners announced at Dogwood Writer's Conference, April 25, 2009.


Postmark deadline: March 15, 2009






City:                                                       State:                                       Zip:              


Daytime Phone:                                                 Evening Phone:                                                              


Email Address: _____________________________________________________


Title of Entry:             ______________________________________________________


Entry Fee: Check One (1)

____ $12.00 (KYOWA member)         ____$15.00 (Non-KYOWA member)


Contest Address:

Send all material, in one envelope, (per entry) to:

KYOWA 2009 Contest

PO Box 833

Ashland, KY 41105-0833


Bold As Brass Checklist:

___ Completed and signed entry form

___ Four (4) copies of manuscript (up to 11 pages with optional one-page set-up)

___ Entry Fee, checks made payable to KYOWA Writers.

___ One (1) cover page with: title, your name, address, phone and email

___ SASE for return of manuscript and score sheets

___ SAS postcard for Entry confirmation (Optional)

___ Postmarked by March 15, 2009



I read and understand the rules of the 2009 Bold as Brass Contest. I realize and accept manuscript judging is subjective and agree to abide by the decisions of judges/contest officials. I shall hold harmless KYOWA, contest personnel and judges, for any and all disputes arising from scores, critiques, contest rulings, or decisions and/or disputes arising from circumstances beyond the control of contest officials.


Signature: ______________________________________   Date:__________________


This space for contest officials:

Entry Number: ______________           Date received: _______________  Date returned to contestant: _____________


Judging Panel assigned: ____________ Date sent to judges: ___________ Finalist?: ____________________________


Confirmation sent: _______

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