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Tips for the Romantically Impared

Are you stumped for gift ideas for Valentine's Day? Do you think an oil-change is a great gift for February 14?

Think again! Here are some tips to make your Valentine fall in love with you all over again!

  • If your mom would like it, it’s probably not romantic enough for your wife.
  • Deliver gifts to her work – make ‘em good!
    Better yet, personally deliver the gifts to her work.
  • Candy – if her New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, that resolution is hereby excused during Valentines day. Give chocolate – and LOTS of it!
  • Gift Certificates are OK – but the key is in the presentation!
    Saying “I know how much you love to go shopping – here you go!” will get you further than just handing her the card.
  • Car part stores are OK for gifts, as long as they are gifts SHE would enjoy – key chains, floor mats, cool accessories.
  • Practical is not good (Remember, this is the chance to redeems yourself after the sweeper for Christmas)
  • You can’t go wrong with candles and baskets. Candles should have good scents flowers and food smells work best.
  • Have baskets gift wrapped at store – they will be happy to fill them for you!
  • Lingerie is more for men, not the ladies (unless you are married to a model)

Most of all HAVE FUN!

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